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About UTEM

UTEM is an aerial device manufacturer located in Hewitt, Texas with a product line that has been in production for more than 30 years.

The original SkyJacker was developed in 1974 by UEC Corporation in Oklahoma City. It was a light duty articulating aerial to meet the challenge of mounting on a lighter duty chassis. The energy crisis of the mid-1970's increased demand for aerials on smaller, more efficient trucks. The SkyVan quickly followed as the telescoping complement to the SkyJacker.

UEC continued to produce these products until they were sold to Dallas Overhead Door Corporation in 1980. The products continued to be produced in Oklahoma City until 1988, when Waldon purchased the product line and moved production to Fairview, Oklahoma. Waldon made numerous improvements in the products and introduced the SkyTracker, an overcenter articulated aerial.

In January 1999, UTEM purchased the aerial lift product line from Waldon and will continue to use the SkyJacker, SkyVan and SkyTracker names for the units produced in Hewitt, Texas.

UTEM is dedicated to the production of quality aerials at an affordable price. We believe the customer expects value and the UTEM products will deliver the highest value of any aerial on the market.

Our 10,000 sq. ft. production and installation facility in Hewitt is staffed by experienced professionals. They are ready to assist you in specifying the product and delivery of completed units that meet your requirements.

We invite visitors and have a special visitation program available to qualified buyers. Please call us or one of our distributors for details.
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